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Our upgrade to Eco Tourism status

Now we are even more green !

Oceania Tours has proudly been upgraded to Eco Tourism status!

Based on the positive outcome of our recent audit and feedback from Eco Tourism Australia, we are pleased to announce that we have been granted an upgrade to the Eco Tourism level of the ECO Certification program.

Ecotourism Certificate for Oceania Tours

What the auditor had to say about Oceania Tours

The Eco Tourism Australia auditor made the following comments regarding Oceania Tours’ commitment to best practice:

• Impressive initiatives adopted to introduce guests to the history and current situation of indigenous Australians;

• Attention given to climate change interpretation and direct support to the protection of the environment and native wildlife.

Oceania Tours works hard to balance the comfort demanded by this sector with environmental and sustainability considerations.

We aim for our tours to directly support the protection of native Australian animals and their environment.

Considerable attention is given to information regarding the impact of climate change.

We introduce guests to the history and current situation of indigenous Australians. This includes an Aboriginal Melbourne Tour which supports the employment of Aboriginal People in the Tourism Industry.

Oceania Tours operates within a continuous improvement framework we reviews our practices regularly.

Our new listing

See our new green listing : https://www.ecotourism.org.au/eco-experiences/green-travel-guide/oceania-tours

Who is Eco Tourism Australia?

Ecotourism Australia (EA) is a not for profit organisation that aims to inspire environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. They run certification programs for more than 500 environmentally responsible tourism operators around Australia.