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Meet our Platypus!

Oceania Tours is proud to introduce the newest member of our family,

Millsom the Platypus!

We have teamed up with Zoos Victoria to support the Platypus through the Wild Platypus Adoptions Program. Zoos Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation committed to fighting wildlife extinction.

To read more about the great work that Zoos Victoria does, or to adopt your own platypus, visit http://www.zoo.org.au/get-involved/adopt-an-animal

What is the platypus?

Platypus are unique Australians.
While common in Eastern Australia most people will never see a platypus; as they only wake for early sunrise and sunset. To describe them, think of an animal with the bill of a duck, a tail of a beaver and the feet of an otter. Instead of giving birth to live young like most mammals, platypus lays eggs!

Threats to the platypus

Farming, damming, altered drainage, and chemical pollutants continue to degrade the habitat of platypus.

Would you like to meet a platypus?

Oceania Tours runs a unique Platypus tour where you can meet a platypus. We visit Healesville Sanctuary where guests can “wade with a platypus”. This is your only chance to get up close to our shy national treasure.

Read all about this unique platypus experience